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These systems seamlessly blend design and functionality with minimalist forms, featuring visible stainless-steel components blending spherical and square lines. They offer versatile options for easy bathroom customization, fitting between walls or glass panes. The system can hold 60kg and is suitable for both 8mm and 10mm glass. Offered solely in stainless steel and presented in kit form.

  1. Profiles featuring protrusions that blend distinctive aesthetics with impactful visual appeal.

  2. Perimeter profile designed to frame the glass panel.

  3. Asymmetrical internal division profile: two protruding profiles on each side of the glass panel, aligning with the perimeter profile for a visually cohesive effect.

  4. Suitable for glass panels measuring 10mm thick

  5. Supplied with high-quality double-sided adhesive tape for swift and tidy installation.

  6. Available in three finishes: matte black lacquer, matte white lacquer, and matte silver anodized aluminum. We only stock matte black finish

  7. Offers the opportunity to craft numerous designs along the door's perimeter and experiment with the arrangement of internal divisions.

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