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The SV-P150 embodies versatility, offering an ideal solution for creating distinct environments in close proximity, suitable for medium-weight commercial usage.

  1. Engineered to establish multifunctional spaces with sliding panels supporting weights of up to 150 kg.

  2. Features unlimited installation width for adaptability to various settings.

  3. Equipped with high-precision rollers boasting 8 ball bearings for seamless sliding and vertical adjustment.

  4. Installation does not require a bottom guide channel, mitigating architectural challenges, and includes safety pivots for panel attachment to the floor.

Installation Variants

Glass Perpindicular staacked sliding walls. 4 Panesl with swing door.gif

Glass Perpendicular Stacked Sliding Walls 4 Panels with Swing Door

Glass Parallel stacked sliding walls   (2).gif

Glass Parallel Stacked Sliding Walls

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